Trust & Administration

Private Office

What sets LJ Private Office apart is that we do not work from a template: each solution is tailor-made, recognising the varied and myriad needs of each client. We act at all times with confidentiality, efficiency, flexibility, integrity and independence.

We aim to simplify busy lives and to assist families who live permanently in the UK or those arriving for the first time, by tailoring a comprehensive range of services to fit personal requirements.

We act as both trusted advisor and administrative planner and co-ordinator, integrating accounting, financial reporting, administration and operations seamlessly with client’s affairs.

Our range of services are unique to each client and include:

  • Philanthropy
  • Succession planning
  • Accounting & book keeping
  • Consolidated financial reporting
  • Cash management & bill payment
  • Art & collectibles. Acquisition & Advisory
  • Relocation Services
  • Property Acquisition & Disposal
  • Property & Household Management