Investment Management

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LJ Partnership has the ability to interface with multiple custodians in different jurisdictions, allowing us to provide a comprehensive service to every client.


We report to clients regularly, showing the portfolio performance, a full asset allocation, income breakdown, and complete transaction breakdown. Our clients are diverse, and can have accounts denominated in different currencies. We always consider the domicile, residence, income and tax status of our clients before implementing any strategy.

Socially responsible investment

There is increasing demand for investment strategies that are compliant with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment or that have socially responsible or philanthropic aims.

We look to understand a family’s specific screening criteria, and work within an existing policy framework. We can help create a socially responsible policy, and ensure the investment portfolio meets those aims. We can integrate philanthropic endeavours alongside family wealth management.

Intergenerational planning

LJ Partnership can help clients ensure that wealth is maintained effectively for future generations. We can work with families and individuals to help educate, monitor, and build lasting structures for wealth and can support families navigating complex issues.

Pensions & ISAs

Tax efficient savings methods and their structures are important tools when considering overall wealth planning. LJ Partnership manages the assets within these structures, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider investment strategy.
LJ Partnership can facilitate adult and junior ISAs and works closely with many external pension providers.

Tier 1 investor portfolio services

LJ Partnership is well equipped to work alongside clients that need to comply with the guidelines of the UK Visas and Immigration Tier 1 Programme. We can provide a portfolio specifically tailored to meet your investment objectives and the UK Government’s requirements.