Our Services

Investment Management

LJ Partnership combines a high level of personal service with the best financial expertise to offer clients objective Investment Management. We provide comprehensive investment and financial advice to private individuals, family offices, charitable foundations and institutions.

Our Principles


We put the objectives of our clients and the service provided to them at the heart of everything we do.


Our investment team has a global approach and extensive expertise across a wide range of asset classes.


Our dedicated research team works to find the most suitable investments for our clients.


We are not constrained by in-house product offerings or platform
restrictions. We work to find the most appropriate investment
strategies for clients.




Capital preservation

We aim to maintain and grow the purchasing power of our client’s assets, net of fees. This encourages a longer term perspective in the interest of future generations.


We aim to limit market risk by choosing to invest in a spread of assets, knowing that they are not highly correlated with each other and with the market in general. Different economic environments will favour different investment strategies/


Management of costs play an important part in managing returns. We particularly look for investments where the running costs can be controlled and carefully monitored.